Feel like strolling through a night market by the sea ?

During the summer season, night markets are a real tradition! It’s an opportunity to go for a walk with the family at the end of the day among the stalls.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy an ice cream, hot chichis or a Gui-Gui, the sweet speciality of the Côte de Nacre!

The night markets of Luc-sur-mer, Saint-Aubin-sur-mer and Courseulles-sur-mer are an opportunity to meet the hawkers, find a souvenir idea and discover the local craftsmen.

Our seasonal night markets in the Terres de Nacre

See you in the summer of 2022 for more night markets !

My advice, if you are in Luc-sur-mer on a Monday evening, after your stroll to the night market, go to the Hôtel de Ville park, otherwise known as the “Whale Park“. There you will discover the huge skeleton of a whale that washed up on the beach in 1885! Children will love the playground and the animals.

And to end the evening on a high note, why not stop off to watch the sunset from the wooden pier at Luc-sur-mer.



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