All tastes are in nature… and in Terres de Nacre! Choose the tailor-made approach that suits you best.

“When love rhymes with a ride for two? “

We have found the right offer for you, opt for the tandem formula at West adventure in Reviers. Frédo and Patricia will be happy to meet your expectations.

“What’s the point of a fat bike?”

For sportsmen and women “Adrenalin fans”? Why not try the “Fat Bike”?
This easy-to-ride, all-purpose fat bike will allow you to overcome any obstacle and adapt to all types of terrain. Pedalling in the sand, even if it is? exhausting in normal circumstances, will no longer be a problem with the fat bike; from now on no grain of sand will resist you!

A guaranteed cardio session! Book them quickly with our friends at Plaisance 2 roues.

Nota Bene : more versatile, the mountain bike will adapt more easily to a practice on the paths.

“For “Sunday” sportsmen and women like us?

The electrically assisted bike is the ultimate way to combine all the advantages of a bike ride without having to put in all the effort.

At Electrobike (from April to September) you can enjoy this mode of transport from Bernières-sur-Mer, Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer and Luc-sur-Mer.

With little ones? Find all the necessary equipment to leave with peace of mind at our partners Plaisance 2 roues or Loc Vélo.

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Do you know the “rosalie”? “A ride for two, four or nine? It’s possible at Didier!

This four-wheeled pedal vehicle, which is more stable at low speeds, is perfect for the whole family. Laughter and memories guaranteed during an unforgettable escapade!

Visit the Chippie plage page to book your ride – April to September.


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